String Inverters

McChem offers 7 models of string inverters with power rating varying from 1.3kV to 460kV to meet various household and industrial needs.

Compact & Advanced Design

  • Unique Snap Inverter technology – Innovative hinged system for easy installation & easy servicing
  • Dynamic peak manager – Locates the perfect MPP at each input voltage , also on shaded PV systems
  • IP66 protection class – Best in the industry (competition at IP65). Unprotected outdoor location
  • Ventilation System – Aluminum heat sink on the rear of the inverter along with two variable-speed fans
  • No need for additional DC or combiner boxes with integrated fuse MC4-plug Option
  • 12string fuse-holders – Best in industry (competition at 6–8strings)
  • Very light weight: <40kg (competition is 20–30% higher)
  • Setup wizard – Saves time and money (language, country setup, time/date)
  • Smart Grid Ready – All extended Advanced Grid Features (AGF) are integrated
  • Slots – Optional plug-in-cards, such as the Fronius Sensor Card & weather monitoring kit
  • Future requirements – Enhanced energy management, Arc detector, etc.

Maintenance and Service

  • Proven Fronius Service Partner programme – Easy maintenance and service by an electrician (power stageset replacement) or by the trained Fronius Service Partner (power stageset replacement+ PC board replacement)
    • Lowest service cost in the market


  • Flexible warranty options of 5 years/7 years at time of Product warranty can be extended to 20 years